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About JAS-AAS Accreditation

About JAS-AAS Accreditation

JAS-AAS stands for the Joint Accreditation System of America and Asia Services, Inc. (JAS-AAS). It is the joint accreditation body for America and Asia responsible for providing accreditation to organizations that perform various conformity assessment activities.

JAS-AAS offers accreditation to various types of conformity assessment bodies, including laboratories, certification bodies, inspection bodies, and proficiency testing providers. These accreditations signify that these bodies meet specific international standards, ensuring competence, impartiality, and reliability in their assessment activities.

The accreditation provided by JAS-AAS is recognized both nationally and internationally. It helps facilitate trade and market access by providing confidence in the competence and reliability of organizations providing conformity assessment services.

Entities seeking accreditation from JAS-AAS undergo a rigorous evaluation process to demonstrate compliance with relevant international standards and criteria. This process includes assessments, audits, and evaluations to ensure that accredited bodies maintain the necessary standards and quality in their operations.

JAS-AAS accreditation contributes to enhancing the credibility and trustworthiness of organizations engaged in conformity assessment activities, benefiting businesses, consumers, and regulatory authorities by ensuring the reliability of products, services, and systems in the marketplace.