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Enhancing the performance of energy efficiencies and improving economic performance, whilst reducing consumption of resource.

The provision of energy involves complex supply chains and processes, often involving cross-border trade and the transportation and distribution of volatile substances. The commercial development of alternative renewable sources of energy will need to be environmentally-friendly, and demonstrate value in terms of cost, reliability, durability and performance.

Samples, products, services, management systems or personnel can be evaluated against specified requirements by testing and calibration laboratories, certification bodies, verification and inspection. Conformity assessment is used to check that products are fit and safe for consumption against a standard, a code of practice or regulatory requirements that bring confidence to the marketplace.

Accredited conformity assessment services therefore provide a means for preventing unsafe, unhealthy or environmentally harmful products from entering the market place. Regulators can set overall policy requirements or detailed technical requirements and rely on laboratories, inspection bodies or certification bodies to check for compliance.