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A Symbol of Assurance

A Symbol of Assurance

Why is accreditation so important for certifiers and inspectors?

Third-party accreditation – the type that JAS-AAS provides is recognized around the world as the highest and most credible type a certification or inspection body can obtain.

With such accreditation you automatically send a signal to your clients that they can be confident in what you do. This is increasingly important in a market that is growing quickly in size and complexity- a market that includes many bodies operating without any such credentials.

JAS-AAS accreditation gives you the ability to:

  1. Highlight your competence
  2. Demonstrate your independence
  3. Increase likelihood of smooth access to overseas markets (through our formal arrangements with international accreditation organizations)
  4. Build confidence in your ability through bench marking performance against other accredited bodies.

Once accredited you are able to use the JAS-AAS symbol as a visual indicator on your work as a sign of assurance.

JAS-AAS offers accreditation for these themes:

  1. Business and innovation
  2. Management Certification
  3. Product certification
  4. Health and human services
  5. Food and biological systems
  6. Environment

Our accreditation is open to accredited bodies providing conformity assessment services to public and proprietary conformity assessment schemes falling under these themes.

Important: JAS-AAS takes accreditation seriously and will withdraw it for lack of performance. This is part of our assurance guarantee. We think very carefully about granting accreditation and take our responsibility for this seriously. So when an organization, product or person is not delivering we take appropriate action. This enables us to maintain the integrity of the accreditation system as a whole.