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Technical Advisory Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee represents JAS-AAS stakeholders and ensures our activities are impartial and transparent. It advises the Governing Board on matters relating to JAS-AAS, including the Accreditation Review Board.

The Technical Advisory Committee—no more than 5 members with a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson—ensures that technical experts and stakeholders are involved in developing accreditation programs. It also supervises working groups and technical committees.

Accreditation Review Board

The Accreditation Review Board is a group of experts responsible for considering and making accreditation decisions and making recommendations on these matters to the Governing Board. This includes granting, maintaining, reducing, extending, reviewing, suspending and withdrawing accreditation.


The Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Board. It is located in multi countries in USA, Singapore, UAE, China and India. It does;

  1. Administers the accreditation process
  2. Co-ordinates the work of technical committees associated with accreditation programs
  3. Provides input into national and international committees and working groups
  4. Provides input into the development of new accreditation programs.

Reporting On Performance

JAS-AAS operates in an open and transparent way and makes available a wide range of information available to the public on this website. Reporting against our performance is an integral part of our professional operations.