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Educational Institution is the place where knowledge is imparted by group of highly or moderately educated people to teach continuously group of students thus these students are adequately taught or gathered knowledge to meet the standard of outer world or so called society. Here is the biggest question do these students are adequately taught? To know the answer up to which extent students are learned the very reason examination is conducted to check students depth of knowledge. Therefore, these examinations are yard stick to measure the education imparted by teachers are correct and they will be meeting the standard of society. The number scored by each students shows their involvement in class room while teachers are teaching. Therefore imparting of knowledge by teachers is one aspect and receiving end student also play a vital role for standardization.

The level of education imparted or knowledge gained by these student are being tested where as knowledge imparted by teachers is it tested by anyone? If yes then where is the record? Are these teachers are ISO Certification Standard at any given time? Now how often educational institutions are being tested to the ISO Standard? If tested do they maintain record? Today the society must answer all these question.

ISO 9001 Certification also necessary for all educational institution so that where ever one takes admission the level of knowledge being received by student is same. This correlation is most important to build up unified or even the entire world.

JAS-AAS Accreditation is the independent evaluation of these conformity assessment bodies against recognized standards to carry out specific activities to ensure their integrity, impartiality and competence.