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A Brief History

A Brief History

Joint Accreditation System of America and Asia Services, Inc. (JAS-AAS) is an independent, third-party accreditation body which is registered in Delaware State, USA having registration No. 6461146 and HBS Record ID Number: 331041 . JAS- AAS Board is an autonomous public sector body that provides accreditation services to public and private sector organizations to the benefit of public sectors. JAS-AAS is jointly promoted by the experienced team of different seven continents, who are member of American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Quality Council of Singapore.  JAS-AAS is committed to customer service and technical competence and maintains international recognition. We provide quality and value to our customers. Our staff and assessors are technically competent, personable, and effective communicators. This ensures a more beneficial and pleasant experience for our customers. .

Agreement and managed by highly international quality management consultants with sharing of nature, culture of standards among the 7 continents establishing the Governing Board, Technical Advisory Council and Accreditation Review Board of the Joint Accreditation System of America and Asia Services, Inc. (JAS-AAS) under its by laws.

JAS-AAS accepts applications from certification or inspection bodies operating anywhere in the world, irrespective of their size, location or affiliation.

JAS-AAS operations are overseen by a Governing Board. Our Technical Advisory Council and Accreditation Review Board allow us to bring  technical expertise and stakeholder involvement to the development of accreditation programs and accreditation decisions.

Our Secretariat, located in USA and India is the administrative arm of the Governing Board. The Secretariat administers the accreditation process, coordinates the work of technical committees, provides input into national and international committees and working groups, and develops new accreditation programs.